All this room and he literally has to sleep right in the middle. Like r u serious?

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“Oh no. Don’t smile. You’ll kill me. I stop breathing when you smile.” 

Anonymous asked: has james been shirtless on dwts and if not do you ever think it will happen :P :D

He’s been close enough but I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. 😖

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my uncle got mad at me because i dont have a picture of just me and james in my room anywhere. like im sorry

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*sixflags war flashbacks*

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i went to check ebay for tickets and

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Hanging in my trailer with my sis @1alithom and my nieceter-bunny, Emma. ;)

@Greghoran87: Girls there you go guess who

so i just got back my tax return today… should i just say fuck it and buy a ticket for 5sos friday cause i kinda sorta really wanna go….

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