better with BOSTON!!!!!

okay so. omg idek where to begin!!dshfdjfklhdfksjdlfhga

ill skip all the waiting in line stuff, but i met lots of cool people and yeahh it was good times. :)

so i got in and saw i was second row and almost had a heart attack! jdshflkjsdhf

then we were also second row for soundcheck :’)

so for soundcheck i tried asking a question but it wasnt working out for me this time. but as soon as they came out i waved and james waved back to me…. but umm they did iirtw and msbwu. and omg. during iirtw kendall was like staring me down. and doing that eyebrow thing he always does and im just singing along and looking at him like wtf are you doing, stop that. and omg when carlos came down for kate to sing. jkshfdljkhdkjlhfksljhfkljhfdaslkjhg omg. umm… omg i dont even like remember what else… ill probably make random posts when i remember things. idk WAIT I REMEMBER… THEY SANG THE TURD SONG! because kendall said audition was his favorite episode and how that scene was so nerve wracking and then i think kate said they should do it and im like “DO THE TURD SONG, YOU SAID YOUD DO IT THE OTHER DAY!!!!!!” and they just started singing it and im just like OMG GOD FUCKING BLESS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

but okay my m&g omg. okay. so first off i see logan walk in first and then it was carlos then it was james and im like NO NO JAMES DONT GO TO THE MIDDLE. PLEASE DONT DO THAT. then kendall comes out AND STANDS NEAR CARLOS AND IM JUST LIKE GOD FUCKING BLESS AMERICA OMFG. okay. so i go up to them and i was like “i made these for you” and i handed logan his and ranel started yelling at me to do the picture and then i gave carlos his but they all got tangled together and in my head im like ‘fuck fuck i KNEW this was going to happen’ but carlos helped me untangle them ksdjflhjfkdshfdsj and suddenly i was pushed infront of kendall and he saw the other ones in my hand and hes like “OH i see spiderman, that must me mine!” and im like “ahaha yeah…” and handed it to him. and then james is like “ohhh whats mine!!??” and in my head again im just like “OMG JAMES YOU SAID THE EXACT SAME THING LAST TIME!” and then ranel was yelling more and pushed me between kendall and carlos and omg. i probably look like a turd because i was most likely smiling so hard! but then after the picture logan was like “these are awesome! we’re like batman and robin with the colors!” and carlos is like “yeahhhh!!!!!” and omg isdhfjklsdlhsadkljhjlkhsdljgkh OMG. and then i like put my arm around carlos’ back and was like “you can tell its aquaman tho right?” because amanda was saying how it looks like a granite countertop so im like okay.jpg but hes like “YEAH! TOTALLY! THANK YOU!” and i just smiled at him and i looked over to my other side and kendall was putting his dogtag on sdjhfljksdhfkjlhdskjlghaskfhsjdlkghsajhfs and then ranel pushed me and james opened his arms for me. LIKE I DIDNT EVEN INSINUATE THAT I WANTED TO HUG YOU JAMES. SDJKFHLKJSDHFK but hes like “THANK YOU!” and hugs me. :’) and yeah the end.

okay so the show… jackson was cool, i kinda remembered the words to some of his songs so i danced along :) and one direction. skfhksdjhflkawhsfidsnvl omfg. okay. so keenan let me stay front row for them because hes like a saint so yeah. omg. but during use somebody i was taking a picture of niall OMFG he like looked at my camera then at me and smiled. like omg and i have a picture of him looking at me kdjshfkjlshdfkjdhfkjl AND OMFG LIAM. FUCKING LIAM. SANG. ONE. THING. TO. ME. the last line. he looked at me, smiled and sang it to me. OMFG HE POINTED TO ME AT THE “YOUVE GOT THAT ONE THING” AND I JUST FOUND A VIDEO OF IT. HOLY SHIT. okay and um. i made so awkward eye contact with louis because he always just kinda looked at me but didnt smile or anything like that so im just like okay.jpg

okay now the show. omg. everything was perfect and i love them ┬áso much and omg. okay… um… during no idea tho. like i was already dry heaving through it. and i recorded carlos’ verse without shaking and then as soon as i pressed stop and lowered my camera carlos points to me and smiles and im just like jkfdshlkjahkjdhskjgdhlkjdsfhjk i actually started crying. like omfg. ITS LIKE HE KNOWS I DONT GET IT OMFG.S FHSDJKHF but idk maybe he heard me at soundcheck because kendall said his favorite song to perform was no idea [and like side note, was that not CARLOS’ FAVORITE SONG TO PERFORM!!????????] but he said that and im like THATS MY FAVORITE SONGDJSFKHLJDHJGKSHDLKJ!!!!! but anyways… um. idek what else… oh there was a kenlos moment during elevate. they just like high fived each other and i SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER OMG and the girl on the side of me looked at me like i was nuts. and like i am but, jsdfhlkjdshf omfg.

ummm what else…. james filmed me during boyfriend… uhhh idek what else to say… oh but when they came out for city is ours i saw james wearing the BU hockey jersey but i was like OH MY GOD. I KNEW THEYD DO THAT. FRANKIE FUCKING JONAS CAME OUT ON THIS SAME FUCKING STAGE WITH ONE OF THOSE JERSEYS. OMG. but then i look over to the other side and KENDALL HAD ON KATES SHIRT AND IM LIKE OMG OMG OMG and i looked over to her just started SCREAMING omg. then that fucker throw it into the crowd. ~rude.

okay and i think thats it… :’)


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