BTR in Providence!!!

so i wasnt even sure if i was going to end up going since ive never driven to providence by myself but i ended up just going for it. and im very happy i did!

so i got to the station basically just in time for them to come out. they had to go straight into the station tho so everyone went back to their cars and listened to the interview. after the interview we went to wait for them outside. they were there and then gone so fast. logan signed my cd first and thankfully i didnt make a fool of myself like i did yesterday. ahha then carlos came over and was like “hi sweetheart, how are you?” and im just like jskdflshfljsdhfljkdhfljksdhfsd ahhaha i think i managed to say “great!” ahah then kendall. i dont think i even said anything. i was too mesmerized by the boys eyes. lmfao then james signed my cd and was walking away with it still in his hand and im like “james, thats my cd…” hahah and hes like “oh, wow, sorry about that!” ahhaha and thats all….

then i decided id go to the paragon to see them and try to get a picture. now i had no clue how to get there so i figured id follow the tour bus but they stopped at the hampton inn… ahah i didnt wanna be creepy and stop there so i figured out how to get there myself. ahhaha so i got to the paragon and waited with everyone for a while until they came and again they went straight in. but logan was like “hey i remember you!” ahahah they wouldnt let us in so we watched them do the m&g with everyone from the window like creepers. ahah logan kept running to the window and making faces at us. ahaha and kendall and i totally had a moment through that window. i was the only one at the window and everyone else was looking towards the door and kendall looks at me and smiles so i smile back and he does one of those ‘sup nod things. so i gave him a ‘how youuu doinnn’ kinda look and he raised an eyebrow at me so i did the same thing and then he was making weird faces at me and raising both his eyebrows and i just started laughing and he was laughing and yeah… jkhfjdhfjlkdshfds so when they finally came out i went straight for kendall and asked for a picture. :D then i got a picture with james and they were being rushed so i didnt get one with logan or carlos so i just said bye and thank you to them. :]


#FEB 16

02-16 / 2:24