BTR at Six Flags :3

ill just get straight to the good stuff… lol

so my friend went first, hugged james then carlos. then i hugged james and was like “you guys were amazing yesterday!” and hes like “oh, wow. thank you!” :D then i hugged carlos. [he smelt really good… like sweet… idefk] then they were all “okay pictures!” so carlos put his arm around me and i put mine around him and then james went to put his arm around me and i was like “wait” and i put my arm around his waist first. and he like moved his hips so i could move my arm by. dskfjklfdjg lol xP then they took the pictures. and they were trying to kick us out. but i walked over to logan and was like “can i just have a hug?” and hes like “yeah of course!” then some dude was like “okay you have to go.” and i looked at kendall and was like “but can i just get a hug?” giving him that ‘please’ kinda face. lol and hes like “surreee!” so i hugged him and was like “thank you so much, kendall.” let go and said bye…┬áhis shirt was really soft too… lol is that weird to say?


it was so fast, but still amazing. :P


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