BTR at House of Blues!!!!

im just gonna skip all the parts about my day and get straight to the relevant moments.

relevant moment number one: i saw dustin coming over to go through the side door so i went over to him and was like “hey dustin! can i get a picture?” and hes like “oh i have sound check, maybe later.” and i was like “oh alright! thanks.” we heard them sound checking if i ruled the world…

later they pulled up in two taxis. [they being logan, james and kendall] kendall i guess had his own taxi… they just waved and went right in… logan was wearing that skimpy little tank top. -__-

but i guess someone saw carlos pull up in a cab earlier in the morning… which would make sense cause i hadnt seen him all day…

and someone else saw carlos, logan, and some girl that works with them walking back from bowling!

i little while later hot chelle rae’s bus pulled up. so we went across the street to wait for them. the door to the venue was open so we could see them soundchecking. i heard carlos sing “wonderrrrrwaaaaaaaaall” and i was like oh dear god, no. dont sing that. no. then i didnt hear anything for a while… then they started singing it! dfls;kdhgkjfhgds kendall sounds so perfect singing it. omg. the “afterrrrrr alllllll” part. ;~; my video does not do it justice. omg. they should just do it at the shows. dkfhlkjdshglkjsd

ummm… oh, then i got my pictures with jamie, rk, and ian… basically i just went up to them and was like “hi, im josilyn. how are you? can i get a picture? ;]” lol jamie is so cute tho. lmao

after that dustin came out again and we yelled for him but he ignored us. -__-

then i think it was dustin, randy, ranal, and henry were near the bus so we went over there. and a bunch of people followed us and were like “who are we over here for?” and im like “uhhhh dustin.” they didnt even know who he was -____- but yeah… he was on the phone and talking so we didnt bother him. then they crossed the street and we were like “hey dustin how about that picture!” and he kinda just waved us off… and randy was laughing… so basically, dustin hates me…

later on iesha went to take a picture with henry and hes like “how do you know my name?” lmfaooooo im like “oh… we just… know things…. but we’re not creepy. we are not creeps.” and hes like “oh i didnt think you were. thank you. thanks for coming to the show.” :]

now for the part that you probably actually care about… the m&g

so i walked into the venue where they were and someone was like “go right to the middle for your picture.” LOLOL as if…

so i go to kendall and im like “HI” and hes like “hey” and hugs me. and while i was still in his arms i was like “how are you?” :3 and hes like “im great, how are you?” and he said “im good.” then i moved to carlos and he put his arm on my shoulder and was like “hey! have you met my friend logan!” and i just kinda looked from carlos to logan and then hugged logan. :3 then went between logan and carlos for the picture. and logan was like “wait we have to take another one, i dont think i was ready.” and i was like. oh okay… but first i said “wait i got you guys something.” and i went to get it out of my bag and carlos put his hand on my lower back and was like “aw, you didnt have to!” and i pulled out kendalls and handed it to him and was like “this one’s for you.” and im a complete moron because i didnt even look at his face to see his reaction… -__- then i pulled out carlos’ and he kinda just stared at it and then was like “wow thats so cool! thanks!” then i turned to logan and hes like rubbing his hands together all excited. lmfao and i guess carlos could see the back of my jacket so thats when he was like “wow, your jacket is ballin!” sdkjhf;lskdhlfkjsahfjdhf and i turned back to him and lifted my hair to show him the whole thing and was like “thanks!” :D then kendall looked over and was like “wow thats cool!” :3 meanwhile i was still trying to get logan’s hat out of my bag… lol as soon as i handed it to him hes like “oh shit!” omg. im pretty sure i stopped breathing. i was so confused. i like, looked at james to see if he had a reaction to logan’s ~language. he did not. lmfao! and then logan was like “this is awesome thank you!” and pulled me into him and gave me like a side hug kinda thing. shdflhsdljkfhsdlkhfsdjh and then james was like “oh i cant wait to see mine!” in my head im like “omg dont be excited, logan’s was the best one, yours didnt come out as good :[” but i gave him it and he was like “wow thats awesome! thanks so much!” :3 then security was telling us to take another picture and logan’s like “YEAH, we have to take a picture with these hats!” i should have told them to put them on… but im dumb and didnt. so theyre just holding them… lol but omg, for the second picture, carlos’ face was literally three inches away from mine. i wouldnt be surprised if im staring at him in the picture… [i should have turned my head at the last second and kissed him. lmfao can you imagine…] but yeah after the picture carlos rubbed my back and was like “thanks again!” and then i kinda just smiled over at logan and he opened his arms for another hug. dhflkjsdhfklajshfka and he said thanks again. :3 then i realized i didnt get a hug from james. and before i could even ask him for one he opened his arms. :] he said thank you, i said thank you. the end.

then i went over to the stage and the little girl that got picked for worldwide, her dad was taking a picture of her infront of the stage. once i got up there she got all shy and didnt wanna take one. she was so cute. [and im sure you all know how much i hate children, so thats big coming from me. lmfao] but yeah, then i stood at the barrier, dead center. :D

i wont bore you with random things that happened before they came on, other than the fact that hot chelle rae was amazing and i was the only one up front that knew songs other than tonight tonight. :] i sang my little heart out during bleed. that shit is my jam! and rk threw his pick and people tried catching it but failed and then i felt it land on my foot. WHATS UP! ;] lmfao

okay now, lets see… anything important to mention about the show…

well i touched james when he jumped down to us… and i touched carlos twice… [his hands are just as soft as i imagined, okay! omg] and i think i might have scratched him on accident… :/ oops.

then there was logan calling me a geek.. lmfao no not really. he pointed to me during if i ruled the world at the “all the geeks, freaks and wannabes” part. :]

idk what song it was but i know kendall did that eye brow thing he did to me at the paragon. omg i wanted to cry. after he did it i was just like “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THAT TO ME!?” omg

thats really all i can think of…

carlos didnt do the “sooOOOOnnn we’ll be together” and kendall didnt do the “need to be stooOOONGGG” so i remained calm for worldwide. until the two of them went up behind her. like i knew it was gonna happen, yet i was still freaking out… ;___;

yeah idk… i guess i can add to this is i remember anything else…


congratulations on life if you read the whole thing. :]


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