Big Time Rush on the Bizzaro at Six Flags New England

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ATTN everyone seeing BTR at six flags:

i am in fourth place for the contest to meet them.
the top five people win two passes… 

if i win i’ll have one extra pass. so if you help me win maybe you could meet them with me! :P

just “like” my video and tell all your friends to “like” it too! :]

or you can just “like” it because you’re a kind person and i love you. :3

c’mon now, you can’t say no to that face! ;]

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so, how many of you are going to the big time rush show at six flags new england?

cause if i DO win these meet and greets, i’ll have one extra since my friends don’t like btr…

lol let me whore out my video again…
just go to that link and “like” the video :3

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looks like i’ll be spending most of my life at six flags this year… ;]

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